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Turners Mate is a great companion tool for anyone who enjoys operating a wood lathe.

It measures and cuts tenons without the need for any other measuring tool.

Greg Stirling designed and developed Turners Mate 35 years ago to improve the process of making tenons for Windsor chairs, settees, stools and cricket tables. In that time he has made, in various diameters, 70 to 80 thousand similar joints. The tool has been a great companion in his busy workshop practice and has been pivotal to the economics of his small wood working business, where traditional techniques and hand tools are mainly used to craft his furniture.

“This simple tool not only eliminates frustration for the novice, but enables the professional to quickly process multiple components.” says Greg. “The tenon made will make a very tight joint.

I generally take another slither off so that the joint is snug, but is able to be withdrawn.

Always check your drill size for any variability.”

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